–  Everything is energy.

–  Energy moves.

–  Energy flows through channels.

–  Channels connect us to gifts  that we were supposed to bring into our current lifetime.

–  Channels connect us to other lifetimes.

–  Channels connect us to Heaven and to Earth.

–  Energy channels & energy wheels run within our body.

–  Channels from Heaven & Earth continue through our spiritual body, which is within our physical body.

–  The central energy channel connects to 7 major energy spirals or wheels (Chakras).

–  Major Chakras each connect to specific vital organs.

–  The 7th Chakra, the Crown Chakra is at the top of out head.

–  The 6th Chakra is at the back of the head and forehead (Third Eye).

–  The 5th Chakra is at the Throat and the back of the neck.

–  The 4th Chakra consists of the front & back Heart Chakras.

–  The 3rd Chakra is at the Solar Plexus, and on the spine, directly opposite the Solar Plexus.

–  The 2nd or Creative Chakra is at the belly, and directly opposite on the spine.

–  The 1st or Root Chakra is at the base of the tail bone.

–  There are additional Chakras or energy wheels.

–  Roughly 12 inches above our head is the Soul Star Chakra.

–  One manmade initiation at the Soul Star shuts down all other Chakras.

–  Roughly 12 inches below our feet, this Chakra connects us to the Earth.

–  There are additional Chakras at our joints.

–  Blocked energy channels can and do cause issues that increase over time; such as,DNA changes and aging. ( K. M. )


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