Post Traumatic Stress

Hypnosis Training Can Be Used to Help Patients Suffering From Post Traumatic Stress

PTSD can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be a soldier to see what it is like since you could have witnessed a murder, been involved in an accident, raped, abused or survived a natural disaster. Naturally, you need counseling to overcome what has happened and people with hypnosis training can help.

Studies have shown hypnosis can help a patient deal with PTSD. Unlike other anxiety disorders, this will be a bit more challenging given the circumstances that occurred. To help patients deal with it, the specialist has to first develop a strategy.

The best approach is a straight forward one so you know what they have been through. Each case is different so veterans are treated differently from people who were abused or raped.

The only thing that stays the same though is what happens during the hypnosis session. Once the person is relaxed, it is time for the specialist to use the power of hypnotic suggestion to make the patient let go of what happened.


Cure is just a phone call away….


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