Healing & the Power of Symbols


Symbols are the conscious communication of subconscious minds. The holy ghost speaks in symbols. Symbols have ben used in both magic and divination.everything comes from father mother god,everything has consciousness.symbols function because they too have a consciousness, and they know and are able to go about a and do their work. Symbols are held in god’s consciousness. God breathes symbols out and they are made available to us .it is up to us to be conscious to them and be willing to work with them.

We all have the ability to work with symbols. Some people are born with healing energies and some of those people may also carry the ability to work in a dynamic way with healing symbols.in using symbols in healing, we utilize our psychic abilities.

Symbols work for a variety of reasons.  Typically. the effectiveness and energy of symbols depends on how much healing and/or psychic energy the user is channeling.   Some symbols are very old and carry an energy (be it ‘good’ or ‘evil’) because they have been used so many times.  Other symbols work because they were given to an individual by an higher Beings.  This is the case with many symbols used in hands on healing.  However, they tend to work better for people who have been initiated into them, but others might use them as well.  One does not necessarily have to believe in the power behind symbols to have them work.  The same is true with hands-on healing – one does not necessarily have to believe in this ancient art form in order for it to work.  If simply believing in healing or the power of symbols was a requirement, then why does hands-on healing and symbols work on babies and animals?

There are many universal symbols which are used by mankind.

Following are some of the symbols channeled by dr. manupriya mehra given to her by higher beings in her meditative journeys :



When faced with negativity, ask the Celestial Angels for help and call upon Blue Star.  Simply watch in meditation and see what happens.

2. untitled3


“And Poison Will Not Harm You”  is a quote from Jesus, which is still in the New Testament.  It is in reference to the time we are now living in.  This symbol may be used by anyone.  Meditating upon Cup of Poison brings up issues surrounding poisoning, and offers protection from toxicity.

3. untitled4


For issues regarding self:  What path do I take?  How do I handle this particular situation or individual?  What is the meaning of what is before me? etc

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