Love is…. to give away your heart

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The heart’s deepest and truest desire is to be filled to overflowing with love. We give our hearts to people in whom we have developed the faith, hope and trust to treat our hearts properly, filling them with affection and love, and thus bringing us true happiness.

Valentines is all about unconditional love … the kind of love you’d give your life up for. It is not about spending money on cards and gifts, but spending a part of your time and self for someone else you care about.

Love is based on a desire for completion — “to be whole, to be in harmony, to be connected, and to be free.”

Valentine is a day to celebrate Love. Love of yourself, love for life, for struggles, for everyone in your life, for who is IN your life as well as love for who is OUT of your life.

This day isn’t about PROVING your love to each other, but instead continuing to strip away the layers that prevent love from emerging in your relationship. There’s no need to prove your love to that special someone with some grandiose display (though we’re not saying you shouldn’t be creative or over the top).

Valentines is a day to express your love, but what is the intention behind it? Are you trying to make up for all the times you didn’t express your love in one big statement? If so – fail.

This day should set the TONE for how you treat each other EVERY DAY in your relationship. It’s wonderful to celebrate V-Day, but you don’t have to have only one day where you REALLY celebrate each other.

Every moment is a gift given to you from The Uni-verse. How you love your partner and others , whatever you express to them , should be a new standard for how you celebrate them every day moving forward. You can express your love at any time. Life is not about waiting for Valentine’s Day to show your lover how much you can love, but letting Valentine’s Day be the example for how you can love every day.

No matter who or where you find yourself today, know that there is great love available to you in every moment. It could be in the person you’re next to right now, just waiting to be revealed though one single courageous act of expressing how you truly feel, or that love could be in putting yourself out there and seeing what works for you and what doesn’t.

Either way, let Valentines be a day that you celebrate Love. Let Valentines be a celebration of the love that you have for yourself and your ability to share that love with everyone who means something to you.

Have a happy Valentine…

Dr. Manupriya Mehra

Psychic & Healer

Relationship Counsellor


Past Life Regression Therapist

Corporate Security Advisor



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