THE NINE STEPS….      A spiritual journey,from strength to enlightenment ..Step 2

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Step 2 , second day of Navratri brings us the blessings of Maa Brahmacharini. It is an auspicious time for penance and austerity.

Goddess Brahmacharini is extremely radiant and majestic. Her appearance is quiet and absorbed in meditation.

Maa Brahmacharini addresses ‘Brahma’ (penance) and “Charini” (female follower/ devotee) as a result, she is the symbol of Goddess who performs Tapa or hard penance.

Goddess Brahmacharini wears white color clothes, she holds rudraksha mala, lotus flower, kamandalu, in her hands. Goddess Brahmacharini is the ” tapaswani ” roop of the goddess… who gives freedom from Kaama and krodh.”

Continue your spiritual journey with Dr Manupriya Mehra….

Aum Aum Aum


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