KARWA CHAUTH.. The Sacred Connect…

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The Spiritual Gifts of the Divine Mother Goddess Shakti, the feminine quality of the Supreme for strengthening the marital bonds. 

Invocation of Parvati Mantra and prayers for Karva Chauth. 

सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके | 
शरण्येत्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणी नमोsस्तुते ||

Sarva-mangal-maangalye, Shive Sarvaarth-saadhike
Sharanye-triyambake Gauri, Naaraayani Namo-stute……
“May Goddes Paarvati bring good fortune and prosperity (-mangal-maangalye) to all (-sarva) her devotees. May she forever (-sarvaarth) accompany Lord Shiva (-saadhike). May she give us refuge (-sharanye) in the protection of the three-eyed one (-triyambake). O beautiful and fair-colored one (-gauri), the consort of naaraayan (-naarayani), we bow to you (namo-stute) repeatedly.”

“The tradition of Karva Chauth is a small form of homage to Goddess Parvati and her determination to raise Lord Shiva from his deep trance.”
The term Karwa means a lamp and also an earthen pot with a spout. Chauth means the fourth day of Krishna Paksh in the month of Karthik.
As all rituals portray an underlying essence, Karwa Chauth also boasts of a lofty truth. A devout wife is the strength of the family. Her attitude serves as a harmonious cord that binds her husband and family as an integrated whole. 
Karwa Chauth is an attempt to enhance marital bonding and keep one’s family intact which contributes in its own way for societal uplifting and harmony as well.
In each of world’s different religions and their traditions, Grace is personified by this feminine dimension of God. Forgiveness, compassion, and the nourishment of suffering souls with wisdom and love are all elements of grace. Grace is all powerful, yet reveals herself in the sweetest and gentlest of forms. Grace descends from the divine realm into this world by the Supreme’s own will. 
It is this aspect of the feminine , which on this day goes beyond human physical limits and endurance to achieve a Goal of longevity and sustainability for the Masculine aspect. 

The act of fasting helps create an attachment with God by establishing a harmonious relationship between the body and the soul. This is thought to be imperative for the well being of a human being as it nourishes both his/her physical and spiritual demands.
As the soothing light of the Moon induces the petals of a blue lotus flower to open, so grace, the feminine divine, induces our spiritual love to awaken, blossom, and spread its fragrance into the world.”

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The Nine Days of Divinity ….The Nine Steps to enlightenment 

Day 9….Maa Siddhidhatri

Goddess of Supernatural powers( Siddhis ), perfection and enlightenment. 

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Siddhi means supernatural power or meditative ability, and Dhatri means giver or awarder. She fulfills all the divine aspirations and completes the mundane. 

She is the Goddess who possesses and bestows all type of Siddhis to her devotees. 


THE NINE STEPS…. From strength to enlightenment 

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A spiritual awakening journey of The Feminine Aspect Of the Divine Light ( THE GODDESS )
During this journey you beface the Nine forms of Divine Mother Goddess and her Blessings for you

The Healer and Guide helps you to attain discipline, wisdom and knowledge to conjure an inner knowing of peace and enlightenment. 
There is power and potential in a time of darkness to remind us of what we really cherish. In this spiritual journey , we practice ways of paying attention that can help us transform suffering into freedom, in our own lives and in the world around us.
This #meditation guides us to a visit with our future self, and reveals a pathway to our awakened, evolved consciousness. The more we practice this pathway, the more we realize and trust the loving awareness that is always and already within us.

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The Nine Days of Divinity 

Day 8… Maa Maha Gauri 

Goddess of Beauty, women and wisdom. 

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Mahagauri means one clean and bright like a ray of lightning.
Goddess Mahagauri has the power to fulfill all the desires of her devotees. The one who worships the goddess gets relief from all the sufferings in life.

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The Nine Days of Divinity 

Day 7…. Maa Kaalratri

Goddess of Auspiciousness and Courage 

” Dynamism through deep rest “

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She is considered the fiercest and most ferocious form of the Mother Goddess, her appearance itself invoking fear. This form of Goddess is believed to be the destroyer of all #demon entities, #ghosts, #spirits and #negativeenergies, who flee upon knowing of her arrival.

Goddess Kalaratri is the goddess that rules the night portion of every day and night. Praying to her gives the invoker, siddhis and niddhis (particularly, knowledge, power and wealth).

She always provides auspicious results to her devotees. Hence, it is believed that she makes her devotees fearless.

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TOGETHER IN THE STORM… sweet, sour or spicy. 

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“A good relationship starts with good communication ”

The #Energy of love and patience is the key to maintaining relationships. 

Sweet, sour or spicy it’s all there but those who are “meant to be ” are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were ever before. 

       ” We are in this together ” is the motto. 

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” One day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will fit back together ”

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The Nine Days of Divinity 

Day 6…Maa Katyayani

Goddess of Vengeance/ Victory and Healthy Marital relationships. 

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She is known to be the fiercest form of Maa Durga, appearing as a warrior Goddess to annihilate the forces of darkness. 
Maa Katyayani is a symbol of Shakti, i.e. strength. She stands for knowledge, the triumph of good over evil, courage etc. She is a prominent symbol of unique strength to female devotees. She inspires women to face challenges, to fight for their rights, for what is right and believes in their inherent strengths.

Maa Katyayani is also the Goddess who has the power to bestow boons to young women for a happy married life. 

To seek the desired soul mate , Her worship has the power to eradicate obstacles in the path of love and seek a blissful marital life.

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Day 5….Maa Skandmata 

The Goddess of Fire

Maa Skandamātā possesses the brilliance of the sun and fulfills all the desires of her devotees. Her worship purifies the heart of a devotee.It is believed that she awards devotees with salvation, power, prosperity and treasures. She can grant oceans of wisdom even to most illiterate person. 

The devotees who worship Skandamātā shine with divine splendour. Her worship is ultimately conducive to salvation.

Dr. Manupriya Mehra 


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